Forum-theatre is a form of performance that was created by Augusto Boal – a stage director from Brazil – as a part of his Theatre of the Oppressed system. Augusto Boal invented forum-theatre as a tool that shows people the ways of transforming the reality they live in.

Forum-theatre is a form of social theatre. Actors that participate in a forum-theatre group are usually people without professional theatre background but they are interested to solve a particular social problem. Participants write a script, create performance together and then invite the audience to discuss a social problem that was presented in the play and to find the ways to solve it.

Augusto Boal and his system “Theatre of the Oppressed” are known all over the world. You can find theatre groups who use his methods in the USA, India, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Great Britain and other countries. The Theatre Project “Vmeste” is one of a few groups that knows and uses the forum-theatre method in Russia.

We made forum-theatre pieces for and with human-rights organizations, students, schoolchildren and migrant children in St. Petersburg, Russia. In our forum-theatre pieces, we presented the problems of parents and children, freedom of expression in school, students and conscripts’ rights and political rights.

In 2016 the Theatre project «Vmeste» launched a new project called «BOAL IN RUSSIA».

Our goal is to introduce methodology, ideology, ethics and aesthetics of the Theatre of the Oppressed to Russian teachers, trainers, social workers, students, activists, workers of the NGO’s and theatre-makers. Therefore we organise workshops with the best world TO practicioners and trainers from the Theatre project «Vmeste» in different parts of Russia. Within this project we also want to translate the most famous book of Augusto Boal «Games for Actors and Non-Actors» into Russian language. We have conducted workshops already in:

  • St.Petersburg (October, 2016) — Forum-theatre workshop with Mirella Galbiatti (Argentina / Germany), Ada Mukhina and Masha Kolosova.
  • Moscow (December, 2016) — Forum-theatre workshop with Christoph Leucht (Germany), Ada Mukhina and Masha Kolosova.
  • Voronezh (June, 2017) — Forum-theatre workshop within the festival «The City of Rights» with Ada Mukhina, Masha Kolosova and Natasha Borenko.
  • Moscow (September, 2017) — Forum-theatre workshop within the Lubimovka-festival, the festival of the young playwrights, with Ada Mukhina, Masha Kolosova and Natasha Borenko.

If you are interested to invite us to conduct a workshop or you want to be involved in our project «Boal in Russia», please contact Ada Mukhina, curator of the project, via e-mail

You can find photos of our performance here. If you have an idea of cooperation or you are interested to participate in forum-theatre about the particular topic, you can contact us via e-mail: