Watch documentary «Vmeste. Teenage theatre against xenophobia» online

«Vmeste: Teenage theatre against xenophobia» is a documentary about a social theatre project from St.Petersburg, Russia. The premiere took place on 20th of May 2017 in Cape Town (South Africa) at the 19th Assitej World Congress and International Theatre Festival for Children and Young people.

Description: In 2012-2013 20 teenagers of different nationalities together with professional theatre-makers and civic educators created a documentary performance about identity, xenophobia, migrants, different cultures and living together.

Teenagers filmed more than 100 interviews with each other, their classmates and people on the street. All interviews were transcribed and turned into a play where all voices and characters are real. Final performance was shown on the professional stage with teens and audience involved into a dialogue about how people of different cultures can live together in one place. The documentary shows the whole process of creating performance based on the real oral stories and interviews. It includes both professional shooting made by cameramen and shooting made by teenagers with their perspective of the process.

The documentary creates polyphony of voices with diverse points of view and asks the question: Can theatre and art in general be a tool for social changes?

Team of the project: curator — Ada Mukhina, directing group — Ekaterina Maximova, Ada Mukhina, Stas Svistunovich, script writer — Alexandra Gorbova.

Participants: Mekhak Baroyan, Oksana Voronina, Misha Golovin, Gosha Eliseev, Venya Mirovich, Darina Popova, Sasha Romanchuk, Masha Vasilisa Selivanova, Gurgen Sogoyan, Masha Titova, Varya Chernaya, Katya Shevchuk, Erdnya Erdneev.

Camera: Mekhak Baroyan, Stepan Bogatyryov, Nika Verovaya, Oksana Voronina, Yuri Gautsel, Gosha Yeliseev, Gleb Klimov, Dmitriy Korshunov, Roge Noryak, Ada Mukhina, Darina Popova, Sasha Romanchuk, Stas Svistunovich, Masha Vasilisa Selivanova, Masha Titova, Varya Chyornaya, Erdnya Erdneev, Maksim Efros.

Sound: Vladimir Nesgovorov, Roge Noryak , Vadim Kananykhin.

Idea and final editing: Ada Mukhina.