Boal at the Lubimovka-festival


On the 5th of September 2017 our trio — Natasha Borenko, Masha Kolosova and Ada Mukhina — conducted a forum-theatre workshop at the Lubimovka-festival in Moscow. This festival exists already 27 years and aims to support young playwrights who creates their works in Russian language. Among the stage readings of the short-listed plays, the festival organises workshops for the participants to broaden their view of the contemporary theatre. That’s how we were invited to tell about our project «Boal in Russia» and to show how forum-theatre works in different context. It was a pure pleasure for us to tell about our work and Augusto Boal, to make a small try-out of the method with the intervention of the audience on the stage and to answer thousands of questions from the curious public.

More photos you can find here.