ARENA: Community Theatre and Public Art

Masha and Natasha recently returned from the European Peace University in the town of Stadtschlaining (Austria).
Maybe some of you remember that we already wrote about the project «ARENA: Community Theatre and Public Art». But to remind you again what it is: several times a year activists, human right defenders and artists (in the broad sense) from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Germany gather to exchange experiences and to figure out how we can be helpful to each other in a process of peacebuilding. Because we believe that art can create peace.

The team from Saint Petersburg are:
Marla Mai — human rights activist, a member of the St. Petersburg open school of Human Rights team.
Roma Aleksandrov — hospital clown, a school teacher, a puppet theatre director and designer.
Nikita Afanasiev is an artist and school teacher.
Masha and Natasha from the Theatre project «Vmeste» — well, about these two you know.

This time the school was devoted to the development of relations between our countries, we came up with several new international projects — so stay tuned.

You can read more about the ARENA project and what we were doing at the Summer school here:

Photo by Lu Martinets