«Here.I.Stand» — Part 1. Warsaw

On July 9, 2017 the first part of the international theatre project «Here.I.Stand» came to its end. 18 teenagers from Russia, Poland and Germany met for the first time in Warsaw, Poland.

During 8 days, the participants interviewed several amazing people, who stand for their values and believes in Poland: Paweł Łysak, a director of the theatre «Powszechny», a Catholic priest Wojciech Lemański, a member of the movement for women’s rights and one of the organizers of the «Black Monday» protest Barbara Baran and charming couple Ludwika and Henryk Wujec, protagonists of the of «Solidarnoc» movement.

At the same time, we walked through Warsaw, visited the area of the former Warsaw ghetto and the new museum of the history of Polish Jews «Polin», enjoed the beach, and the most important — we danced, sang, rehearsed and prepared our first presentation under the direction of Uta Plate, dramaturgical suport of Birgit Lengers, withh music and choir by Berndt Medek and with a help of an artistic collaborator Ada Mukhina.

The next part of the project will take place in St. Petersburg at the end of the summer under our supervision. The premiere of the performance will be held on the stage of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. We’ll keep you posted!

Here I Stand_foto Elsa C Grief

Photo: Elsa C. Grief