Youth for Peace: Kharkov, Ukraine

Youth for Peace

The international theatre project «Youth for Peace» took place in Kharkov (Ukraine) on 10-20th of July, 2017. Participants from Ukraine, Russia and Germany worked 9 days together to prepare a forum-theatre performance.

Together with Masha Kolosova (The Theatre project «Vmeste», St.Petersburg) and Oksana Potapova («Theatre for Dialogue», Kiev) participants talked about problems inside Russia and Ukraine, and between two countries as well. Improvisation and interpretations of images was an important part of that work. We tried to analyse social and personal problems that may be hidden behind a certain behaviour. Many stereotypes about identities and nationality turned out to be wrong, participants said after the work together.

Performance, that was created during the workshops and rehearsals and was based on the personal stories of participants, was shown to the citizens of Kharkov in the end of the project.