«Boal in Russia» goes to Voronezh


The Theatre project «Vmeste» will conduct a forum-theatre workshop within its project «Boal in Russia» at the festival «The City of Rights» in Voronezh (Russia) on June 21-24, 2017.

We continue introduce a forum-theatre methodology to the Russian audience. Forum-theatre is a type of a theatre performance, created by Brazilian director Augusto Boal as a method of teaching people how to change the world they live in. Group of participants works together to develop the script and performance and to bring audience to discuss the presented problems and to look for the alternative solutions.

The workshop called «Theatre as a tool for social change» will be led by a theatre director Ada Mukhina, theatre pedagogue Masha Kolosova and playwright Natasha Borenko. Participation is free of charge!

We invite civil activists, theatre-makers, journalists, teachers, psychologists and other interested groups to join the workshop.