Project «Boal in Russia»

Attention! Achtung! Внимание! Atención!
 Theatre project «Vmeste» announces the start of the project «Boal in Russia».

Brazilian director Augusto Boal and his Theatre of the Oppressed are famous in many countries of the world, including Germany, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa, India etc. However, he has never been to Russia during his lifetime and thus he is not really known there.

We’re going to change this situation and introduce methodology, ideology, ethics and aesthetics of the Theatre of the Oppressed to Russian teachers, trainers, social workers, students, activists, workers of the NGO’s and theatre-makers.

We want:
1. To find existing Russian practicioners of this methidology. Dear collegues, let’s join our forces!
2. To translate the most famous book of Augusto Boal «Games for Actors and Non-Actors» into Russian language.
3. To bring the world’s best practitioners of the Theatre of the Oppressed to different cities of Russia in order to spread this methodology. Part of the generated funds from these workshops will be spent to the translation and publication of the book «Games for Actors and Non-Actors».

The project «Boal in Russia» is going to start officially in St.Petersburg on October, 21-23. With the assistance of Goethe-Institute we will bring for official opening Mirella Galbiatti — professional expert of the Theatre of the Oppressed, amazing actress and theatre pedagogue from Argentina, who has been working for many years with prisoners, refugees, migrants, Roma children and women’s groups in Berlin. Together with Russian directors and theatre pedagogues — Ada Mukhina and Maria Kolosova — she will present the project on 21st of October, and then they will conduct a two-day workshop on 22-23nd of October. Details about workshop are coming soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact curator of the project «Boal in Russia» Ada Mukhina or coordinator of the Theatre project «Vmeste» via e-mail

«Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it» -Augusto Boal used to say. Be like Boal: don’t wait, go to our workshop!

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