The Theatre Project “Vmeste” (Russian for “Together”) was born in 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia. From that time on, it continues doing various social-theatre projects and promotes the very idea of social theatre in Russia and worldwide.

Social theatre is an interdisciplinary art form with specific social agendas. We make theatre that makes the world better. We make theatre that talks about important social issues, and we use theatre in education.

We make theatre with teenagers, students, teachers, migrants, psychologists, civil activists, human-rights defenders, playwrights, directors, actors, employees and volunteers of the NGOs, deaf and blind people, homeless, female groups.

We make theatre inside and outside of the theatre building, on the streets, in the museums, in the schools and juvenile prisons, in the human-rights organisations and everywhere, where theatre can change something. Our partners in the interdisciplinary projects were: The Youth Centre of the Hermitage Museum, the Deutsches Theater (Berlin), Bolshoi Drama Theatre (St.Petersburg), The Museum of the contemporary art «Garage», Upsala-circus, the Museum of communication (St.Petersburg), Goethe-Institut St.Petersburg, the Festival of the young dramaturgy «Lubimovka».